Shelltone Whale Project

Communicate with cetaceans and share their message to mankind using music, using sound...

Beneath the surface of the Oceans, whales are singing some amazingly complex and delicate songs, pure expression of their wisdom. It appears that anyone who approached a whale, and had a chance to listen to their songs, had the feeling that those peacefull creatures might have a tremendous knowledge still to be discovered and shared.

The mission of the "Shelltone Whale Project" is to become a link between us and the whales, by learning more from their songs, attempt to communicate with them and trying to understand their message to mankind.

Monday, June 29, 2009

California sea lions realease at the Farallons

This saturday, Pierre and the Shelltone Whale Project participate in the realease of 10 california sea lions from the Marine Mammal Center out at the Farallons Islands Sanctuary.
It was a success, all of them reached the shores of the main island, where they melted with the local pod.

Boarding the sea lions.
They were very calm, just like they knew what was going on...
You gonna be free soon...
On our way to the Farallonnes.
First realease.

They stay with us for a while, wondering what was going on ...
Then they naturally find their way home.
Bye guys...

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